Media Investigations

These investigations are always quite hard to control, as the demands of the media do not always coincide with our requirements for investigations and experimental conditions.

However, we appreciate the opportunity to visit places we might not otherwise have access to, and inevitably we find time to conduct our own experiments away from the hustle and bustle. Due to this, some of these reports are more light hearted than our main investigation reports, but will hopefully give a flavour of the investigation experience as opposed to the dry facts of an investigation report.

Most Haunted

One of Para.Science's co-founders, Steve Parsons, has appeared on Most Haunted on Living TV as the Paranormal Investigator.

These are the locations he has been to, and the programmes you can see him in.

Ghost Hunters

Para.Science were pleased to assist Yvette Fielding and Ciaran O'Keeffe in the investigations for the Ghosthunters book, published in 2006.

We accompanied the pair on five investigations, some of which are ongoing investigations for Para.Science, and are still being investigated.

We describe the locations we visited, and link to our own investigations of some of the locations.

Discovery Channel Infrasound

Para.Science took part in a pogramme for the Discovery Channel about infrasound.

For the programme, we built both an infrasound generator and an infrasound detector.

Hatton Court Hotel, Milton Keynes

We spent a week in the excellent Hatton Court Hotel in Milton Keynes, courtesy of a Japanese media company. The Hotel is set in its own private parkland, and it also has its own complement of ghosts. Despite the difficulties of coping with a film crew and guests who didn't go to bed until dawn, the hotel staff were friendly and helpful, and Para.Science will be continuing their investigations into this attractive building.

Muncaster Castle

Para.Science were asked to spend the night in Muncaster Castle for the BBC. This is the brief story of our visit, opportunities for investigating were very limited and the resident investigator has written many reports which are available for viewing if you are interested in the findings from this beautiful castle.

I'm Famous and Frightened

Para.Science provided the supporting investigation for Series 2, 3 and 4 of "I'm Famous and Frightened" for Living TV. Whilst the programme itself is described as an entertainment show, the opportunities for us to carry out our own investigations were many and varied. Also a good number of the celebrities were genuinely interested in the investigations side, and even helped us out on occasion when we needed willing volunteers. Reports are not yet available, although our preliminary results have shown some interesting phenomena which may account for some as yet unexplained reports of paranormal phenomena during media investigations.

Cammell Laird Dockyard

We have been investigating this fascinating case for a number of years now. This link will take you to a BBC website which describes our involvement in the case. Follow the Private Investigation link for a full case report to date.

Hex Nightclub, Birkenhead

A programme was made by the Discovery Channel where Para.Science investigate an apparently very paranormally active nightclub. This case is still ongoing, and we will be publishing a report in the near future.

Media Appearances and Press Cuttings

These are scans of some articles we had published in the Liverpool Daily Post. Subjects include our research on electromagnetic fields and their relevance in paranormal investigation, time slips, and our investigations in two local haunted buildings. There is also a link to an article about Near Death Experiences published in the Newcastle Sunday Sun. There is also a scan of an article about us by Richard Felix that was published in Paranormal Magazine. And there are some YouTube videos of Para.Science on MKTV commenting on the Friday 13th studio guests!

St. George's Hall, Liverpool

On 25th March 2004, Para.Science reported live from an investigation in St George's Hall, Liverpool on the North West Tonight programme for the BBC.