Non-Ghost Investigations

Not all of our cases involve classical haunt phenomena. We occasionally, through interest or as a consequence of another case, end up looking at a range of unusual phenomena. Two reports here concern out of body experiences, and a visit to some burial cairns in Scotland.

Out Of Body Experiences

Following a Parascience radio appearance on the Roger Lyon show on Radio Merseyside we have been contacted by a number of people who have experienced both out of body and near death experiences. We present here a brief summary of some of the cases, please note these are anonymous and some identifying details have been changed.

Clava Cairns

The Clava Cairns are situated near the River Nairn, not far from Culloden battlefield outside Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. The site consists of three cairns, two are passage burial cairns and the other is a ring type cairn. Each cairn is surrounded by a circle of standing stones, and none of them now have a roof on. The age of the cairns has been estimated at 1500 to 2000BC.

Maurice Flynn

In 2004, Para.Science interviewed a gentleman in Liverpool about various experiences that had happened to him over his life. Part of the discussion involved a man called Maurice Flynn, and we are intrigued enough about this man to ask if anyone has any memories or stories that have been passed down concerning him.