Other Activities

Yes, it's true, we do have other interests as well as ghost hunting! We like to think we have a fairly broad range of interests, but they all seem to invariably bring us back to the paranormal - even a quick drink in the pub ends up with the locals queuing up to tell their "spooky stories". Not that we're complaining!

Anyway, we have pulled together some photos of various group activities (all with a PG certificate!) and we put them on the web site just to prove we don't spend all our time sitting in cold, dark buildings waiting for the headless horseman.

Avebury 2001

Para.Science join in the summer solstice celebrations at Avebury.

Avebury 2003

Para.Science make a return visit for the summer solstice celebrations at Avebury in 2003.

Para.Science and the curse of the Druid's Circle

Para.Science have a scary moment on a Welsh hillside.

Lunar Eclipse

A jpg (94k) picture sequence of a lunar eclipse, taken in a Para.Science member's back garden.