Private Investigations

Using the links below will allow you to access some of our private investigation reports. These have been anonymised except where permission has been granted to identify the site due to its public nature, and media investigations. We publish non-technical investigation reports on the website for peer review, as we always welcome constructive comments about our investigations.

Cammell Laird Shipyard

During 2004 Para.Science were contacted by members of staff working in an office building inside the former Cammell Laird shipyard in Birkenhead following a series of unusual experiences. These included apparitions, cold spots and sense of presence experiences in a ground floor corridor area.

The shipyard is now closed and awaiting redevelopment but was a major source of employment for more than 150 years and built many famous boats and ships. It is estimated that more than 350,000 men and women worked at this shipyard over the years, perhaps some of them remained?

Cheshire Farmhouse

In 2003, Para.Science investigated a case at a remote Cheshire farmhouse, during which they noted that the occupants reported various paranormal phenomena in the presence of a fluctuating 50Hz Electromagnetic field, reminiscent of an investigation reported by Persinger, Koren and O'Connor in 2001.

However, a number of differences including the power frequency magnetic fields and the witnesses themselves, indicate that the intensity of the overall EMF may also be a factor in determining which individuals have experiences that they may report as being of paranormal origin.

Hex Nightclub

This is an ongoing case that Para.Science have been investigating, and involves some wierd experiences in a nightclub.

This case is still ongoing, and we will be publishing a report in the near future.

National Coal Mining Museum

In September 2005, Para.Science visited the National Coal Mining Museum for England at Caphouse Colliery in Yorkshire.

Because of the unique location and conditions, we were able to carry out experiments that included studying the effects of sensory deprivation and testing spatial awareness and imagery under these conditions.

A report is due soon.

Former School Building

This investigation started in 1999, and was centred on a former School Building in Birkenhead, Merseyside. Whilst an old investigation, we include the report here as it records the first time we became aware of the "Orb" phenomenon (or "Lightballs" as we originally termed them). Elsewhere on the site we discuss the findings of an extensive study of the orb phenomenon we have subsequently undertaken, but this report is interesting from a historical perspective, describing our first encounters with, and possible explanations for, the now everyday phenomenon of the Orb. Also from this investigation, we include some interesting sound anomalies that to date remain unexplained by conventional theories.

Dock Buildings

Our investigation into these former Dock Buildings in the North West of England covered the period from 1998 to 2000. We also include within the report an anomalous photo which was subsequently picked up by the press, which appears to show the figure of a man within the buildings. To date we have not found a convincing explanation for the figure, who was not visible to witnesses at the time. We also include a soundclip which appears to have the sound of children singing on it, a phenomenon which was heard by numerous members of the investigation team at the time. Again, no explanation has yet been found for this. Again, we discuss within the report the appearance of Orbs, a phenomenon that was newly discovered at the time.

Wallasey Private Residence

This report is a good example of how events might not be as they first appear. Some cases have explanations that may appear obvious to outsiders, but not so to the people directly involved, and care must always be taken to conduct all cases in an ethical and sympathetic manner.

Wigan Private Residence

We were asked to investigate this case by ASSAP (the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena), and it concerns a lady whose frightening and real experiences were discovered to have benign and explainable causes. A large proportion of our private cases turn out to have mundane explanations. However, they are still treated with the same care and attention as all our cases, as to the client they are just as real and frightening.

Graveyard in Cheshire

We have not prepared a full report for this case yet, but it has posed some interesting and perplexing questions. We originally approached the case as there were many stories of a specific haunting happening on the site. During visits however, the case has produced some very unusual and as yet unexplained phenomena. We have evidence of apparent time slips occuring, and also have a video clip which appears to show a figure walking from the back of the church, then retreating. We can state with certainty however, that there was no physical person there at the time of the incident. We present here the video.

Hack Green Nuclear Base

We originally approached this case as there were many stories that were reaching us about how the Bunker was the centre of a secret plan involving the Military, UFOs and conspiracy theories. Intrigued and a little skeptical, we went along to the site to look for ourselves, and this is our report of what we found there.