Thursday, March 08, 2007

Well, wasn't the Most Haunted investigation at Cammell Lairds interesting! The online reviews say it all so I won't bore you with further comments here.
Nowadays, the group is well spread around the region and even the country. So our monthly meetings are normally quiet affairs where those members who live locally swop gossip and tall tales. When I turned up for this weeks meeting I therefore got a bit of shock to find the room packed to capacity, with lots of new faces all anxiously looking back at me. We had spent most of that day in Manchester lecturing to Psychology undergraduates so hopes for a quick run through the 'Parish Notices' were immediately dashed along with any chance of seeing the missed episode of Haunted Homes - one of the worst 'investigation!' shows ever to grace our screens but one that strangely I do watch whenever I get the chance (Masochistic tendencies?).
The meeting turned out to be a really good night with lots of interesting chat by both members and visitors and one of the best we have had for a long time.
Speaking of TV - again! This week we were treated to a TV special on Ch.4 'Interview with a Poltergeist' which was a review of the famous Enfield case. The programme featured interviews with both of the girls involved and many of the witnesses and chief investigators including the late and much lamented Maurice Grosse. Like other recent Ch.4 offerings this was a well-balanced presentation and one that should not have been missed. The following night I caught what may have been the funniest paranormal documentary ever made. As part of the series 'A Haunting' on Discovery Civilisations, the episode featured The Wheatsheaf pub in West Boldon Tyne & Wear. Obviously made for a US audience, the show contained interviews with pub staff and witnesses but it was the reconstructions of the major events of the case where the humour lay. As I'm sure you can imagine, the witnesses all had strong North East (Geordie?) accents that we in the UK are familiar with. The reconstructions were filmed back in the USA using American actors who had obviously been told that they needed to do an English accent for the role. What followed was sidesplitting as the actors all delivered their lines, each sounding exactly like Dick Van Dyke as the Chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.
The team is out again this week investigating 2 locations back to back on the same day (& night).
We do have the added complication however at the 1st location of a bit of a media frenzy to deal with. TV & local newspapers have been invited along by location owners to cover part of the investigation, a few years ago this would have been unthinkable but these days I suppose we have to accept that Ghosts are newsworthy.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

For the groups gadgetaholic I certainly have never mastered computers properly or for that matter the VCR, hence my blogging silence for a while. Having forgtten the password and also the username I was barred from posting which some may consider to be a good thing!
Anyhow, after crying for help I have been restored to normal service (till next time I screw up).

We have just put the finishing touches to the latest update to the Cammell Laird report which includes some fascinating new infrasound discoveries made during the latter part of 2006 - the updated report should be online in a few days. This case, upon which we have worked for more than 900 hours over 3 years is now in its final stages. The field investigations have finished at the original part of the site but we still have information coming in from former shipyard workers with further reports of their own experiences at the yard. These will need to be gone through and will also be added to the report in due course. During December 2006, Most Haunted visited Cammell Lairds to film an episode for series 9 (scheduled to be shown 27/02/07). Although both Yvette and Ciaran had previosuly visited the shipyard when making a series of investigations for their book "Ghosthunters" with members of the Para.Science team, this time we played no part in the proceedings. For us it will be interesting to compare their investigation findings and experiences with our own and those of the staff and former workers at the site.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Discovery Channel are showing a 2 part documentary about infrasound called Tigers Attack, starting tonight (Sunday 4th February, part 2 to be shown next sunday) at 9pm (although programmes are usually repeated during the week). Should be interesting, and you may catch a glimpse of some familiar people......... I'm saying no more until we've seen it!!!!
There is also a half hour radio 4 programme about infrasound narrated by Bill Bailey: "Bill Bailey explores the phenomena of low frequency noise, and goes in search of apparently mysterious 'hums' that have been heard from Tokyo to Toronto, and Beijing to Bristol." You can listen to this by going to the BBC Radio 4 Listen Again website ( and looking for "The Hunt For The Hum". But you won't find anyone familiar on that (unless you know Bill Bailey of course).


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The old year is almost past and what a year it was for the team. We continued our ongoing investigation at the shipyard and even managed to make some new discoveries about what may be causing some of the reported paranormal activity - the investigation report is being updated and will be published in the not too distant future. Our main focus has been on developing our infrasound measuring ability and we finally have a system that is at last capable of measuring this extremely low frequency audio energy to a proper standard. We are about to embark on a long term series of infrasound measurements at a series of sites throughout the UK trying to establish some baseline levels for environmental infrasound. We acknowledge the generous assistance of the SPR in this project who are partially funding the experiment.
The New Year promises to be an exciting time with a new case already on the blocks - looks like it will be another long term project for us, as we will carrying out a simulataneous investigation at a number of sites within the same village.
Despite our best efforts to kill-off the members with lots of paperwork and experiments the membership continues to slowly creep up - many living well away from the teams geographical HQ in the Northwest, some of the team now travel hundreds of miles to spend a night in the freezing cold!!! As that saying goes - you don't have to be mad to work here but it sure does help! New equipment is on order too so I get to play with even more gadgets - you surely don't think I would sit up all night (and day) otherwise.........actually I probably would which is the incurable symptom of the ghosthunter.

I can't risk offending anyone by omitting a name so I will generally avoid names but I can't end the year without thanking the whole Para.Science team for their continued excellent work and good humour - especially when I start yelling! Thanks also must go to the many individuals and organisations that have provided us with help and assistance throughout 2006. These include but are definitely not limited to; The SPR, Liverpool Hope University, Northampton University, The staff of Reddington Finance, Rob at Hex nightclub, Carl Fletcher, Richard, Julia, Will and Edd Felix, Pope Benedict XVI, all those who have emailed or otherwise got in touch and perhaps most of all (if she doesn't edit it out) Ann Winsper who has so far managed to produce the website and keep more or less up to date with the mountains of reports and paperwork we generate during our investigations.

Have a Happy New Year and a (properly investigated) haunted 2007


Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas from Para.Science!!!!
We have some exciting new projects lined up for 2007, so watch this space to see what we will be getting up to. In the meantime, hope you all have a great Christmas, and a happy New Year!
From the Para.Science Team.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

For those of you who frequent the Richard Felix forum, Steve will be doing a webchat this friday (details on Richard's site). And I may pop in to heckle.......
Members - don't forget we have our normal group meeting on monday.
Time is getting short to buy your How To Be A Ghosthunter DVDs in time for Christmas! The perfect present!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The 1st 'Ghosthunter' training day went well - although obviously I am biased but so far the feedback we have received from the participants has been positive. Richard Felix is best known for his role on Most Haunted rather than his ability to cook. The food was excellent, but Richard has discovered that smoke coming from the oven means the baked spuds are done!
The team is back at Cammell Lairds this weekend for another investigation - this takes us to almost 800 hours at this location and we still have some anomalies that continue to defy explanation! Some recent discoveries whilst using our Infrasound Measuring Equipment have meant some further progress has been made and although it's early days the initial results are extremely interesting - they will be published onto the website in due course.
Several people have mentioned that Para.Science has received a mention in the current issue of Paranormal Magazine so I finally tracked down a copy today to see for myself. Richard had indeed given us quite a mention following his recent visit to spend some time with us at the shipyard (see above). I swear we never paid him a penny for writing those words although I think that perhaps we owe him a measure or two of his favourite tipple ( Scottish of course) next time we meet - Thanks Richard!
T'Internet is still not right - NTL of course remain tight lipped about the troubles they are having - too busy buying ITV I suppose to come and fix the cable box in street outside Para.Science towers. If anyone is waiting for replies to emails, then please accept our apologies on behalf of NTL.......

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