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Paranormal Experiences

Paranormal Experiences

We Need YOUR Help!

We have collated an enormous amount of useful information from all those people who have kindly filled in our on-line survey (find the survey form HERE) - many thanks to everyone who has participated. We have had so many responses that we have decided to award a booktoken to TWO lucky people! But keep filling in a form for each of your experiences - we are hoping to keep the survey going for as long as possible, to see if people's reported experiences change over time. And we will award another booktoken next year - see the survey page HERE for details of how the draw and the survey work.

Now we are asking for your help in collating people's detailed experiences - we are looking to see what kind of experiences are most common - is it a traditional white lady or a shadowy figure, or could it be a sense of presence? As some experiences can be quite detailed, we are not asking you to fill in a form, but to send your experiences in an email, to this address:

DO NOT send experiences to our normal email address - our usual mailbox cannot cope!


What Information Should I Include?

The type of information we are looking for is:
Age at time of experience
Time of day - was it daytime, nighttime, were you in bed?
Weather at the time - was it sunny, rainy, windy?
Description of the experience: what did you hear, see, smell, feel?

Responses will remain anonymous, however extracts of experiences may be used for illustrative purposes in journal articles or other published media when the responses are collated and reported on. Where necessary, places and possibly identifying details will be changed to maintain anonymity.

If you wish to be entered into a draw to win a booktoken, please indicate that you wish to be entered and your email address will be securely stored until the draw takes place. Otherwise all identifying information, including email addresses, will be deleted upon receipt. Once the draw has taken place, all email addresses will be deleted.

Thank you for your help!


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