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Non Ghost Related Phenomena

Non Ghost Related Phenomena


Not all of our cases involve classical haunt phenomena. We occasionally, through interest or as a consequence of another case, end up looking at a range of unusual phenomena. Two reports here concern out of body experiences, and a visit to some burial cairns in Scotland.

Out Of Body Experiences

The first article describes Out of Body experiences as related to us during a radio phone-in, and subsequent discussion with the reportees. No discussion is yet available, although an article is currently being written. However it was thought that the experiences themselves are interesting enough to report here.

Clava Cairns

This report concerns a visit to Clava Cairns in Scotland. A return visit is planned when some technical equipment can be used to investigate the site further (the investigator in the report had no technical equipment with her at the time, being on a family holiday).

Maurice Flynn

This is a plea for help! In 2004, we interviewed a witness who told us about an unusual gentleman named Maurice Flynn. This report tells the story of Maurice as described by our witness, and is also a request for help in finding out any further information about him.

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