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ARIA - Acoustic Research Infrasound Array
ARID - Acoustic Research Infrasound Detector
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Avebury 2001
Avebury 2003

BBC Inside Out - Muncaster Castle
BBC North West Tonight - St George's Hall, Liverpool
Birkenhead - Case Study
Bold Street, Liverpool (Time Slips) - article by Para.Science
Bold Street, Liverpool (Time Slips) - article in Liverpool Daily Post
Borley Rectory Investigation

Cammell Laird Shipyard Investigation
Case Studies
Chester Ghosts - article by Para.Science
Churchyard Ghost - video clip
Clava Cairns
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Daily Post - press cuttings
Digital Photography - obtaining images during paranormal investigations
Directory of the Paranormal
Disovery Channel infrasound programme
Dock Buildings - case study
Druid's Circle - Penmaenmawr

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Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors - Guidelines
EMF Report in Liverpool Daily Post
Equipment - Article by Para.Science
Evidence - Article by Para.Science

Famous and Frightened
Farmhouse in Cheshire with Unusual EMF Activity
Film Cameras - Obtaining Images During Paranormal Investigations

Ghosts - Articles by Para.Science
Ghost Investigations
Ghosts of Chester - Article by Para.Science
Ghost Trails - series published in the Liverpool Daily Post
Graveyard Video - anomalous figure caught on tape

Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker
Harry Price - Procedures for Paranormal Investigators
Hatton Court Hotel - investigation report
Hex Nightclub - investigation report

Infrasound and the Paranormal
Infrasound - Discovery Channel
Investigation Reports
Investigation Reports - Media Investigations
Investigation Reports - Non Ghost Related Investigations
Investigation Reports - Private Investigations

Japanese TV - Hatton Court Hotel

Lightballs (Orbs) - Birkenhead Report
Lightball (Orb) Photos - Dock Buildings
Lunar Eclipse Photos

Mary King's Ghost Fest 2007
Mary King's Ghost Fest 2007 - Results
Maurice Flynn
Media Investigations
Methodology - Articles by Para.Science
Most Haunted Cammell Lairds
Muncaster Castle
Musings on Things Paranormal - Article by Para.Science

National Coal Mining Museum of England
Non Ghost Related Phenomena - Investigations by para.Science

Orbs ARE a load of balls! Article by Para.Science (new April 2012)
Orb (Lightball) Photos - Dock Building
Other Activities
Out of Body Experiences - case studies

Paranormal survey
Paranormal Experience Report Survey
Pascale Zoe
Penmaenmawr - Druids Circle
Photography - obtaining images during paranormal investigations
Press Cuttings
Private Investigations
Procedures for Paranormal Investigators

Reviews of TV and Radio programmes
Road Ghosts - article by Para.Science

Sammy - Ghost Photo
Services provided by Para.Science
Society for Psychical Research Conferences
Sound of Children Singing - Dock Buildings
Sound of Children Playing - former school
Sound of Heavy Footsteps - former school
St George's Hall, Liverpool
Survey of Paranormal Experiences

Thermometers - Guidelines
Thingwall Time Slip - article by Para.Science
Time Slips - articles by Para.Science
Transit of Venus
Tricks of the Mind
TV Appearance from Friday 13th April 2007

Video Photography - obtaining images during paranormal investigations

Wallasey Case Study
Water Tape Theory of Ghosts
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Wigan Case Study

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