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Investigation Services

Investigation Services

Para.Science as the foremost Scientific anomalous and paranormal investigation team in the UK are uniquely equipped to provide objective measurement, data collection and reporting of the broadest range of environmental, physical and psychological variables in support of all investigations into reported anomalous or unusual experiences. All measurements are carried out using only scientific methods and equipment that is calibrated to accepted measurement standards. Investigations are conducted by personnel fully trained in the proper use of the equipment and having a comprehensive understanding of the resultant data.

The following measurement services are available to all investigation clients although actual service will normally depend upon the specific requirements of each case or location. This list is not comprehensive but serves as a general guide for the type and nature of the investigation services we can provide.

Although the majority of our investigative workload involves private clients we do also have extensive media experience and many of our tests and methods have also been adapted or designed for the specific requirements of the media.


Temperature measurements can be obtained in real time using a variety of methods including contact, non-contact and radiant Infra-red temperature sensing. All measurements are provided using industrial and laboratory standard calibrated equipment. In addition long term temperature surveys can be provided using highly sensitive computerised and stand-alone temperature data-logging equipment.


Relative humidity measurements can be made in both real-time and using computer based and stand-alone data-logging. Measurements are to relevant current recognised standards of calibration.

Thermal Imaging

Infra-red thermography including still image and video can be provided using a state of the art FLIR Systems® Thermal Imaging camera system. The resultant thermographs can be further used for post data collection computer analysis of most indoor and outdoor environments. The thermographs may also be used either as a series of still images or as video.

Non - Thermal Infra-red imaging - 'Night Vision'

We are equipped with an extensive array of long and short wave IR cameras and additional IR Illumination. Similar to conventional CCTV cameras these systems use commercial and security grade imaging devices and illuminators that permit high quality video to be obtained at distances of up to 1Km if required. Output is either directly to any standard video format (excl. HD) or directly to digital storage. In addition we are able to provide standard and HD Infra-red night vision using Sony MiniDV camcorders compatible with all current broadcast TV systems.

Image Intensifying - 'Night Vision'

This fully digital Generation 3 system amplifies the available light and requires no additional illumination and therefore fully covert in its operation. With a useable range from less than 1m to around 500m the resulting footage is of very high quality. Output is either directly to any standard video format (excl. HD) or directly to digital storage.


All current video formats (incl. HD) can be provided using a range of Sony camcorders. Systems include both normal light and Infrared systems in both handheld and fixed i.e. CCTV systems. Additionally enhanced Infrared illumination systems are available for both small and large area coverage. Motion detection is also available.


We can provide high quality still photography using both digital and analogue formats. Digital photography currently is available at resolutions of up to 16.2 Mega pixel (non-interpolated) in all current file formats. Analogue (film) photography is available using standard 35mm colour, monochrome and infra-red films.

Sound recording and analysis

Audio recording is available in all current analogue and digital formats including uncompressed Broadcast File types. We have an extensive range of high quality recorders including recorders with the ability to time index with most broadcast video cameras. The recorders are supported by an extensive series of professional quality microphones - including specialist microphones such as parabolic, shotgun and radio mics.
We also offer real-time Spectral Analysis and of all acoustic frequencies from 20Hz - above 20 kHz using computer based systems designed and built in-house. The resulting data can be captured continuously or at any selected interval to either digital or analogue audio formats for later playback or further analysis. The system has also been designed with media applications in mind and can if required provide a highly visual display of sound events both in real-time or from the subsequent recordings.


We uniquely provide both real-time Spectral Analysis and Recording of Infrasonic and Sub-sonic acoustic energies from 2Hz to 20Hz using a fully ANSI calibrated infrasound detection system. The resulting data can be captured continuously or at any selected interval for later playback and analysis. The system can also be used to study the low-frequency sound spectrum (up to 100Hz) with extremely high resolution. This system also has been designed to have the same 'sound visualisation' as the above sound analysis system so is perfect for media and teaching applications and can assist greatly in conveying an understanding of ambient or environmental infrasound.

In addition to the Infrasound measuring we can also provide Infrasound generation at a range of frequencies between 5Hz and 20Hz using a purpose built Infrasound system.


Acoustic energy from 22 kHz to more than 98 kHz can also be measured and recorded using real-time Spectral Analysis. Like the Audible and Infrasonic systems the data can be captured continuously or at selected intervals for later playback and analysis. The same sound visualisation ability of the previous two sound systems is built into this system too.
In addition a handheld broad frequency Ultrasound detector / recorder is available for use in field applications where a more rapid response may be required. This secondary device also has considerable applications in the area of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) research.

Electromagnetic Fields and Non-ionising Radiation

Man-made & ambient electromagnetic field measurements can be provided using state-of-the-art 3-axis meters which additionally can also be computer linked for recording & displaying the resultant data. A Honeywell magnetometer is employed to produce calibrated measurements of the Earths magnetic field and for the sensitive detection and measurement of the smallest electromagnetic and geomagnetic fields. In addition to measuring the amplitude of the EMF we also have the capability to record the precise frequency.
Radio Frequency EMF's are detected and measured using the latest industry standard equipment; this information may be displayed and monitored in real-time using a computer based approach.

Ionising Radiation

All main forms of ionising i.e. nuclear radiation can be detected and measured using systems accepted for use by the UKAEA and the Fire & Civil Defence services.

Air Movement

A number of sensitive calibrated systems, some linked to computerised monitoring software are available to detect even the smallest draught and movement of air within an indoor environment. These systems also provide additional information about the temperature and humidity of the air. Exterior systems capable of weather monitoring and measurement of large scale air movement are also available for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

Air Pressure

Calibrated digital barometers are available for the sensitive measurement of air pressure. Data from the sensors can be displayed and analysed using a specialist software package.

Ambient Visible Light and Non-visible Light

Ambient light levels in both the visible and also the non-visible Infrared and Ultraviolet ranges can be measured and recorded using fully calibrated hand-held or computer based systems.

Psychological Factors

We can also apply psychological expertise to the investigation of apparent paranormal phenomena. Psychology qualifications held by members are BPS recognised degree level or above qualifications.

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