About Us

Paranormal Science - Para.Science, was established to conduct serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena.

Our membership covers the UK, and we have associates across the world. The group makes extensive use of state-of-the-art photographic, video and sound recording equipment and techniques to undertake this study. The equipment is supported by a team of fully trained investigators, and amongst our members are qualified psychologists and parapsychologists.

We also have members currently undertaking relevant study at degree and PhD level. Additionally, established Psychics are available to further support the investigation work. Para.Science is at the forefront of computer aided analysis of sound and images. We also research the history of any building or area we are asked to investigate, and upon completion of the project will provide the client with their own copy of our findings, both historical and paranormal.

Para.Science does not conduct exorcisms, or any form of occult magic. We seek only to push forward the boundaries of man's understanding of the paranormal. All results of our investigations are made available for public and peer inspection and we do not make exaggerated claims that cannot be substantiated.

Para.science guarantee anonymity for clients, although we do recognise the need to bring our work to public attention from time to time but never without client prior consent.

The aim of this website is to inform the public about the serious study of the paranormal.