We feel obliged to watch a number of paranormally related television programmes, and indeed listen to the radio as well, as we find it enriches our lives somewhat. Occasionally we find a programme that is well balanced, scientific, and gives us something to think about. More often, we find shows that bear no resemblance to the world as we know it, but quite a lot of resemblance to a scary world of talking animals and people who converse with the dead, a world where an electromagnetic field portends the imminent approach of a spirit, a world where dust is worshipped as the first manifestation of a deceased relative.

Occasionally we feel so moved that we have to write about the astounding events we have seen. And here are the results of our outpourings, few in number at the moment but I'm sure once we get into our stride we may yet be challenging the Victor Lewis-Smiths of the world.

Please note that these reviews are personal opinions.

Most Haunted at Cammell Lairds

Oh dear, oh dear. Most Haunted visit a site that Para.Science have been investigating for over 900 hours. Read what the people who know the location and events inside out made of the programme.

I Speak Animal

Shown on Channel 4, animal communicator James French shows us how he communicates with animals alive, dead, and somewhere in-between.

The Haunted Whisper

Review of JJ Lumsden's book The Haunted Whisper, a paranormal detective story written by a parapsychologist about a parapsychologist.